* Avoid bumps and knocks.
* Avoid humidity, it produce changes in volume, shape and appearance of wood.
* Avoid excessive moisture on the bottom of door contact, frame and architraves with the ground, because it can cause change in volume, shape and appearance of wood.
* The wood is not ready for direct incidence of sunlight will prevent such action as it may cause changes in appearance and flatness.
* Due to the wide variety of polishing products on the market, we will act with caution, attending specialized centers and selecting brands warranty, and performing Always test the compatibility of the product purchased with the surface to be treated in an inconspicuous corner, before general application.

* The enclosure hydrothermal conditions in which the doors are to be kept between the maximum and minimum limits of habitability.
* Doors should always be protected by some type of paint or varnish, depending on usage and heating situation.
* If the wood is wet, should be dried immediately.
* To remove the dust deposited should be used simple procedures and appropriate auxiliary to the object to be cleaned.
* For removing rust particles that exist in the environment and easily adhere to stainless fittings cleaned regularly. This prevents damaging.
* Where a thorough cleaning, you must know the type of protection used in each element.
* Depending on the protection to be varnish, wax or oil, you must use a chemical shampoo or similar recommended by a specialist.
* The painted or varnished woodwork should be washed with drugstore products appropriate to each case.
* In case of breakage of the profiles, the initial conditions should be reimbursed or proceed to the replacement of the affected items, such as hanging items and closing mechanisms.


* Not support objects that could damage woodwork.
* Do not modify the woodwork or be placed subject to the same elements that can damage it.
* Not forced the mechanisms cranks.
* No hang weights on the doors.
* No subject the doors to uncontrolled efforts.
* Never wet the wood.
* Never use elements or abrasives products to clean the wood.
* Do not use silicone products to clean or protect varnished wood element because the silicone impede subsequent re-varnished.

* Every 6 months:
Review the hanging fittings, greasing if it’s necessary.
Clean the hinges.

* Each year:
Grease the bearing of the fittings.

* Every 5 years:
Varnish and / or paint the doors.
Check the condition of the frames.

* Every 10 years:
Renewal of lacquered doors, make again the treatment of the insects and wood fungus at the doors and the frames.